Puits Eau Mali
Humanitarian Organism


Puits Eau Mali was founded in 2009. In english the name of our organisation would sound like Water well in Mali.

Our misson is: To offer safe drinking water where there is none.     

Puits Eau Mali is 100% constituted of voluntary workers. We already have eighteen wells drilled, and still going strong. Our actions have helped more than 20,000 people improve their health and every part of their daily lives. What started out as a childhood dream is now a living reality. We are eager to retire in order to continue full time in our humanitarian trek. Up to now, thirthy hours a week of voluntary work, sums up to a very fulfilling realisation.

Puits Eau Mali has its provincial and federal recognitions witch enables us to give tax receipts for every donation received.

The villages are individually chosen and we personally assure direct supervision in Africa to capitalize on the quality of the wells and equipment. Our presence assures the completion of the project on budget and on time. Our 2015-2016 goal is to provide sixteen wells in needy villages of the Bla region of Mali. Our criterias are well defined and maintained for the selections of the Sikasso region.

Puits Eau mali is a young, but serious organisation. Our common denominator is the same as any other large organisation: Saving lives through a humanitarian vision.

We will gladly share our status with you if you are interested in helping us to be the first link of the survival chain for the developping countries.

Feel a part of our excitement and memories as we live them from well to well.

Every cause is a good one, we firmly believe in that, but without water even life cannot exist.

If a contact is initiated we will forward you our complete program on how we implicate the villagers in taking fate in their own hands, and on the issues we help them with, such as health  products, school material and reforestation.

After the anguish…

Nicole Meunier
President and Co-founder

Puits Eau Mali
Casier postal 20018 Grande-Allée
Terrebonne, Québec
J6W 0C9